Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#0: The Plan

"Greetings, young adventurers!"


Steve, Trish, Dan, Chris, Linda, and myself gathered at Linda’s Lovely Zoo for a session of friends catching up, working on characters, and generally having a good time hanging out.


  • Character party has settled on two Strikers, one martial-inspired Leader, one ranged Leader with melee buffs, and one… Controller? We’re not quite sure yet. ( Party Composition)
  • Three out of five sheets are finalized, or mostly finalized.
  • Much adoration was given to a certain well-behaved puppy, who provided many opportunities for focused gamers to briefly recharge their brains with, “awww!” and, “what a good girl she is.”

Next Session

Saturday, September 18th, 5PM. There was some question as to whether folks would be able to make it on October 2nd, but that won’t be addressed until the next game.


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