Player Characters

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Medford – Saturday Nights
Player Character Name Race Class Power Source Role
Steve Jaad-sun Genasi (Voidsoul) Wasteland Nomad Two-Weapon Ranger Martial Striker
Linda Sera Revenant (Tiefling) Veiled Alliance Night Stalker Assassin Arcane/Shadow Striker
Dan Ubashu, or, “The Rock” Shardmind Elemental Priest Animist Shaman Primal Controller/Leader
Chris Balasar Dragonborn Dune Trader Shielding Swordmage Arcane/Martial Defender
Trish Xerima Mul Noble Adept Resilient Battlemind Psionic Defender/Controller

Former Party Members and Traveling Companions

  • Lokk – Half-Elf Bard, last seen in the taverns of Tyr
  • Amaris – Half-Elf Sorceress, and one of Korsun’s many illegitimate children. Has relocated the Muranwar-Esht family from Raam to the remnants of Grak’s Pool.
  • Pyreas – A Lawful Good Tiefling. No joke. Now in the company of the Veiled Alliance.

NPCs currently in the company of the party:

  • Zu-suta – Jaad-sun’s protégé. hiss
  • Nobor, sherpa extraordinare! Back from Monotlith. “What the shit happened here? Oh well. When do we leave?”

Affiliated NPCs

  • Agar, of the House Agar, Celik’s first noble family, and Xerima’s father. His wife Serel, son Tarkas, and younger sister Kedara. Missing is Jorek, last known to be in the “company” of Houses Vordon and Mericles of Tyr.
  • Heshaar, Dray Master-at-Arms to House Agar.

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Player Characters

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