House Rules

Optional Rules

1. Everyone will receive one Wild Talent from page 81 of the Dark Sun book, your choice.

2. We will be using weapon breakage rules (rolling a 1 means your non-metal weapon breaks), but only for mundane weapons. Magic weapons, metal weapons, and “special” weapons (see below) will be immune.

3. We will be using the Fixed Enhancement Bonus rule on page 209 (DSCS). This means that there will be a reduced payout of magic items per level. We will also be using the “Colorful Items” rules on page 209 and 210, as well as Alternate Rewards from 210 to 211. What this means is, while you will not get that +1 weapon or +1 armor as is typical in most D&D games, your character will not lag behind without this improved gear, and you will gain a lot more roleplay opportunities to obtain masterwork and psionic toys. For example, you may receive a specially crafted masterwork macuahuitl that is imbued with the primal spirits revered by the dwarven mining community that you save from wasteland raiders; it will count as a +1 weapon, and likely bear some sort of special ability like a normal magic item, but it just be “special” and not read as an arcane creation.

House Rules

1. Normally you can choose as many Backgrounds as you like, but I am limiting this to two. Also, normally, you only get the bonus from one Background. I am extending this to both Backgrounds. Please make an effort to incorporate your Background choices into your, well, background. :)

2. Everyone gets either the Versatile Expertise or Weapon Expertise for free at 1st level. I figure that this is an automatic feat choice for nearly all classes, so lessening the feat tax to make more interesting character choices is a good thing. This feat isn’t eligible for retraining other than to change the bonus that it applies to. For example, if you choose Heavy Blades with Weapon Expertise, you can only change it to another weapon type.

3. On levels 2, 6, and 10, when one normally chooses a Utility power, one may also choose a Skill power. Nobody takes the skills powers because they want to choose utility powers that makes them more effective at their class. So, in order to encourage more diverse characters, you get this freebie as well.

4. Regarding the Deprivation rules on page 159 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, rather than taking damage equal to your level for running out of healing surges, you take damage equal to your healing surge value. Also, one cannot gain the benefit of an extended rest without first remedying the food/water deprivation.

House Rules

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