Character Creation

If you are unfamiliar with D&D4E, please take a moment to review this PDF. It summarizes the classes and races of standard D&D without going into any confusing mechanics. If you don’t understand the mechanics, it’s okay — just pick some race/class combination that sounds cool, and we’ll make it work!

Please check the Player Characters page to avoid duplicating roles in your party!

Step 1: Choose Race

Races of Athas
Race Source Attributes Frequency
Dragonborn (Dray) PHB p.34; DSCS p.24 +2 CHA; +2 CON or +2 CHA Uncommon
Dwarf PHB p.36; DSCS p.25 +2 CON; +2 STR or +2 WIS Common
Eladrin PHB p.38; DSCS p.26 +2 INT; +2 DEX or +2 CHA Rare
Elf PHB p.40; DSCS p.26 +2 DEX; +2 INT or +2 WIS Common
Genasi FRPG p.10; DSCS p.27 +2 INT; +2 STR or +2 CON Rare
Goliath (Half-Giant) PHB2 p.12; DSCS p.27 +2 STR; +2 CON or +2 WIS Common
Half-Elf PHB p.42; DSCS p.28 +2 CON; +2 WIS or +2 CHA Common
Halfling PHB p.44; DSCS p.28 +2 DEX, +2 CHA Common
Human PHB p.46; DSCS p.29 +2 to any one Common
Kalashtar EPG p.30; DSCS p.30 +2 CHA; +2 INT or +2 WIS Rare; Human-like
Minotaur PHB3 p.10; DSCS p.30 +2 STR; +2 CON or WIS Rare
Mul DSCS p.20 +2 CON; +2 STR or WIS Common
Thri-Kreen DSCS p.22 +2 DEX; +2 STR or WIS Common
Tiefling PHB p.48; DSCS p.30 +2 CHA; +2 CON and +2 INT Uncommon

Other races are available upon request, but a good concept and a good backstory must be presented in order to overcome the “unique snowflake” factor.

Step 2: Choose Class

All classes are available to choose without restriction, with the exception of the Divine power source; Divine classes may not be chosen, unless they pass the “unique snowflake” test.

Step 3: Choose Theme

Themes are optional and are not required. However, it doesn’t detract at all from your character to have one, so it is advantageous to choose even if solely for flavor text.

Theme Description
Athasian minstrel Entertainer, advisor, or assassin
Dune trader Agent of the merchant houses
Elemental priest Worshiper of the primal elements
Escaped slave Determined to live free at any cost
Gladiator Warrior forged in the arena
Noble adept Privileged and tutored in the Way
Primal guardian Protector of oases and forests
Templar Agent of a sorcerer-king
Veiled Alliance Secret practitioners of magic
Wasteland nomad Raider or scout of the desert
Wilder Hero gifted with psionic talent

Step 4: Choose Backgrounds

You are permitted to choose two Backgrounds: one for life prior to becoming an adventurer, and one pertinent to the circumstances of becoming an adventurer. Backgrounds are limited to the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, and “general” backgrounds published in non-campaign material. There is no restriction to the backgrounds you may take, with the sole exception of the “flavor text” meaning something to your character’s backstory.

Beyond this point, character creation is the same for any D&D4E character. Please visit and read House Rules as some of the information there may influence your character creation decision.

Character Creation

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