Celik ruins
Headquarters of House Mareneth

For centuries, the ruined city-state of Celik has stood unclaimed by sorcerer-kings. Whatever catastrophe that befell Celik during the Green Age caused its collapse and turned the city into a ruin virtually overnight. Time and sand has reclaimed most of Celik, but what stands above has often been called ‘home’ to raiders and scavengers and horrible monsters of the wastes.

Now, an enterprising merchant named Korsun seeks to make his own merchant house, and redesign Celik as his own. Wanderers, merchants, and ne’er-do-wells have flocked to his banner, many seeking coin and the promises of a profitable career, but others simply looking for some stability in an uncertain, hostile world.

House Mareneth workers often come back from scouting parties having retrieved large slabs or columns of marble and granite. Strangely enough, Celik imports more stone than it exports, with regular deliveries made of cheap Ledopolus sandstone. About half of the granite and nearly all of the marble goes to fill out Korsun’s coffers in order to pay for his irregular soldiers and the expensive supplies necessary to maintain the village.


Celik is now a rubble-covered ruins in the rocky badlands south of the southeast corner of the Giant’s Ribs Mountains. From a height, it appears to be roughly hexagonal in shape with massive stone buildings collapsed in on themselves or toppled over into rubble. Towards the center of the hexagonal shape is an area bereft of any evidence of tall buildings, surrounded by a fifty foot wall that is mostly intact.

Most exploration of the ruins has happened in the southern corner where Korsun and House Mareneth have set up shop. Much of Celik remains unmapped, although as the days go by Korsun sends more of his soldiers and workers deeper in the ruins for more sources of stone and to make room for village growth.

Prominent NPCs

  • Korsun – the wealthy merchant whose ingenuity and cunning has made Celik’s reclamation possible.
  • Vakhur the Sage – while not a resident of Celik, many have heard of this crazy wastelands hermit.

Notable Organizations

  • Cult of the Sage – an outlawed cult based around scraps of wisdom of Vakhur the Sage.
  • House Mareneth – the fledgling merchant house, headed by Korsun, makes its base of operations here.

Associated Locations

  • Balic – nearby City of Sails and the closest thing to civilization this far south.
  • Kalidnay – no one goes near the ruins lest they be swallowed by the Grey Fog.
  • The Lost Oasis – if you are desperate for food and water, perhaps Durwadala will not boil you alive.
  • The Trade Road – the main way in and out of Celik, but no safer than the wastes.


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