The City of Sails

Balic thumb
Ruler: Dictator Andropinis
Population: 24,000
Races: Humans 50%; Dwarves, muls, elves, half-elves, minotaurs, half-giants
Exports: grain, salt, olives, wine, livestock, leather, marble, copper
“In Balic, we treasure our freedoms. You are free to speak as you will. Of course, Andropinis is also free to speak as he will, which might very well be an order for your execution. Choose your words with care, my friend.”

—Darian, a patrician of Balic

“Balican olives are very agreeable to my tongue. Yes, fresh from the vine! And what is very agreeable to my soul is spitting the pits at the vineyard taskmasters as I run away! Hah!”

—Vakhur the Sage

Notable NPCs
  • Dictator Andropinis
Associated Locations
Merchant Houses
Local: Foreign:
  • House M’ke of Raam
  • House Stel of Urik
  • House Vorkon of Tyr


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