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  • Skills Challenge: Finding the Glyphs

    *Setup:* In order to find the nearest corrupted glyphs to minimize monsters living in the ruins from finding the party, the party must navigate the ruins using all of their training and talents. [[:korsun | Korsun's]] ally has provided a dowsing rod, a …

  • Skills Challenge: Salt Madness

    (accidentally deleted this page) Summary: Determine what the sole survivor of the House Mareneth expedition knows about what happened. Suffering from deprivation and the horrors he witnessed in the caverns.

  • Skills Challenge: Navigate the Salt Marsh

    Completed! *Setup:* In order to figure out where Esheria's "home" is, the characters must navigate the salt marshes more or less blindly, relying on their skills and intuitions to avoid the dangers of the briny swamp. Assumes four PCs. *Level:* …