Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#18: Balican Olives
The party arrives at Balic and begins their investigation into the Dray and Genasi slave trade.
#17: The Aftermath
Celik licks its wounds and counts the dead. A new face arrives. Korsun sends the group on a mission.
#16: The Battle of Celik
When Houses Mericles and Vordon make their push against Celik.

(to be filled in)

#15: Ghosts of Celik
Faced with war, the characters are sidetracked to deal with a problem of malevolence.

(to be filled in)

  • The characters spend some time with Voi, as he prepares to manufacture some new armor and weapons for the group. Apparently he’s some kind of twisted artificer, having odds and ends from many different kinds of creatures, as well as a variety of different materials. And, apparently, he’s doing research trying to figure out how to create automatons for Korsun’s army. (Can anyone say, Warforged?)
  • Balasar complains of a headache and sacks out. The shardmind discovers a malevolence brewing in the heart of the ruins of Celik, at the center of the city. Heshaar, Xerima’s family’s master at arms, is found to be going mad with visions of, “a dream coming back.” And a mural of two Dray fencing in a Green Age setting apparently “came to life” and Korsun was forced to destroy one of his walls to kill it.
  • The group, sans Balasar, goes to investigate. First, Jaad-sun goes to check up on his silt-runner tribe; he finds all of them unconscious before the section of wall in the ruins where the Dray mural came from. He moves them away into another building; one of the silt-runners wakes up and explains what happened, how the “dream called to them.”
  • The characters make their way into the heart of the ruins, where they scale the tall inner wall and peer into the heart of Celik. Massive domed buildings and tall towers fill the inner section, which appears pristine and untouched by time. A thick gray mist fills the streets, reminiscent of the mist that clings to Kalidnay.
  • The characters find themselves moving from balcony to balcony, rooftop to rooftop, where they meet something of a psionic ghost “butler” who offers them hospitality, and a few answers.
  • The characters investigate the gray mist, and find that the mist is causing old ghosts of the dead inhabitants of Celik rising up and fighting the mental impressions left behind of the sorcerers and psions of an age past. Dray and Kalashtar.
  • The characters find the source of the unrest, a hapless wizard who belongs to the enemy army, who stumbled across a pair of artifacts and was immediately taken over by them. Forced to do the powerful artifacts’ bidding, the hapless moron would reunite arcane and psionic energies again in a fashion which was the original downfall of Celik, killing all its inhabitants instantly. After fighting off a few wraiths out of the mist, the party dealt with the moron, and destroyed the artifacts.

XP: 1000xp each!

#14: Over the Mountains and Through the Cisterns
"...to Korsun's house we go..."

(to be filled out)

  • The characters, leading the hijacked caravan of Vordon goods, come across a group of Eladrin claiming to be the Knights of Silver and Gray. They are huntsmen and justice-bringers, searching for those associated with Valhaminur of the Wretched Wind. They inform the PCs that Valhaminur plans on tapping into the raw forces of the Elemental Chaos in order to transform Athas into a new paradise. After a brief exchange and a breaking of bread, the Knights move on.
  • Doing a brief reconnoiter, Sera discovers ancient graves in the foot of the mountains that the caravan is traveling by. These graves have been unearthed by foul magics. She also finds remnants of a tombstone, with a shattered relief belonging to some god or goddess of the Green Age. The party gets a hint that they will be facing an army of soldiers raised from the dead.
  • Drawing up closer to Celik, the characters discovers the predicted blockade sitting on the road that cuts through the mountains. Getting the caravan through would be a challenge, and certainly a direct assault was out of the question. Servants and freed slaves, and those who cannot pass as merchants or guardsmen, are moved up into the mountains by Jaad-sun, Sera, and the Rock, while Balasar and Xerima, with the help of her family, bluff the caravan through.
  • Once close enough to Celik, it is determined that Korsun has effectively walled himself in, with no in or out. There would be no way to get the wagon of goods through the enemy ranks – which, incidentally, are comprised of undead skeletons and zombies in addition to regular Vordon, Mercales, and Tyrian troops. Thehk makes an appearance, and offers a short path through the Gray into the cisterns beneath Celik, which is his chosen domain. Loading up the servants with as much gear and goods as they can carry, Thehk ports them through and down into the cisterns, where they begin a long, winding path through ancient passageways and across crumbling stone bridges across deep pools of water.
  • The party is ambushed in the cisterns by a gaj and its minions, a couple of carrion crawlers and several foulspawn. Triggered by a landslide, Thehk conveniently disappeared right before the encounter, and reappeared at the end to urge the party forward and to “stop wasting time.” Jaad-sun suspects that he attempted to kill the party with this little encounter, and Xerima believed that Thehk was leading the group through an arduous, winding path that was not necessary.
  • The characters are reunited with Korsun, who looks battered from his experiences. Missing his left arm from the elbow down, a tattooed dwarf attended to him, affixing a replacement forearm and hand that appeared to be made of stone, petrified wood, and other sinewy bits. Claiming him to be an artificer ally from House M’ke, Korsun orders this Voi to outfit the party with their equipment needs (Assigning items from level 7 and level 8). The characters also briefly meet Thagan, Korsun’s Mul captain of the guard, and Ibrin, a desert elf archer.

XP: 1000

#13: Opportunity Knocks
Xerima convinces her family to cut ties in Tyr and to abandon Jorek to his fate... for now. Oh, and an ambush!

(to be filled in)

  • Xerima acts as the reason between prideful Agar and worried Serel, and convinces them that Jorek must face the consequences for his actions. (Jorek is a “guest” of Houses Vordon and Mericles; they are attempting to leverage Xerima’s involvement as an associate of Korsun’s)
  • Balasar investigates rumors of a Vordon caravan headed south with servants and armaments. Kedara tags along, gets into trouble, and Balasar is forced to evade gate guards on their way out.
  • The Thri-Kreen pack agrees to travel southwards with the party and Xerima’s family.
  • A templar and his detachment of soldiers goes to track down Balasar and arrest him. The Kreen ambush and kill half their numbers; the party finishes off the rest. Now it’s very clear that life for Agar and his family will keep getting worse, and he agrees to relocate to Celik.
  • The group ambushes the Vordon wagon, guarded by Mericles soldiers, a few days outside of the Tyr Valley.

Current XP total: 10250. Level 7!

#12: The Shadow of Death
Xerima's younger brother accidentally betrays his family, and Tieflings attack Xerima's family homestead.

(to be filled in)

  • The party rushes to Xerima’s family homestead where it’s evident that there’s been a vile attack. Tarkas was poisoned in the attack. At least one of the attackers was a defiler, as the inner garden is ruined to ash.
  • The Tieflings were hired by a templar, Hamaar of Raam. “This land does not belong to you!” Probably a relative of the land that Kalak took and gave to Agar.
  • Tieflings took Pyreas, who was briefly confused by the lead necromancer.
  • Party tracks the Tieflings to an old stone quarry. Twelve human bandits guard the outside, but are killed by the Tieflings on their exit as they are to be blamed for the attack. Party mops up the Tieflings afterwards.
  • Pyreas realizes (part of) his true nature: he has Deva heritage, and is part Invoker, and he is an extension of the gods long-dead.
  • No sign of Hakaar or Jorek; party goes to find them.
  • Sera makes contact with Fannas Ianto, a mount seller, who is a member of the Veiled Alliance. They talk about passing Pyreas off to those who can protect him better.
  • Party hears that there’s a Tiefling murdering random folk with attachment to the criminal element in Tyr. Fits Thehk’s description.
  • Through investigation, the party figures out that Gavan Sul is Thehk’s next target, and preemptively set up to intercept him. Thehk is different, somehow more… undead. Thehk reveals that open conflict has erupted in Celik, and the party’s efforts are required. He also reveals to Sera that he has found a way to hasten her transformation into… whatever he is.

+600 xp

#11: King Tithian
The party earns an audience with King Tithian. Information is revealed about the city and the king. Old friends move on, new friends are made.

(to be filled in)

  • The party realizes Lokk has moved on, taking with him only his iron sword.
  • Meeting Templar Adjunct Goran, he informs the party when and where to be to meet King Tithian. He also informs them that they must attire properly.
  • The characters meet Mordai, a clueless slaver, who has ten starving slaves that he can’t sell in Tyr. He also has a young Plaguesoul Genasi whom he was planning on selling as “alchemical parts.” The party scares off the slaver, free the slaves, and Jaad-sun takes the young Plaguesoul under his wing.
  • The characters meet Balasar, a servant of Xerima’s family.
  • On Caravan Way, the party is assaulted by an angry mob of thugs and urchins who seem to have issue with the “wasteland” nature of the party’s races. (Two Genasi, Tiefling, Dragonborn). Afterwards, a confrontation between the Templar-aligned guards and the Scarlet Helms. The party moves on.
  • Shopping trip! Fine clothes, new leather armor, patched Jaad-sun’s hide armor.
  • Sera does recon, meets a Tiefling bartender (Gavan Sul) and earns some information in exchange for an assassination of Kraik Mericles, a second cousin of King Tithian.
  • Characters attend Tithian’s court, where Tithian punishes Armos Kamroth for being a Kalak sycophant, and rewards the PCs with minor favors. Hrieth confesses her deception, that she played Armos in order to earn revenge against Valhaminur of the Wretched Wind.
  • Skellus visits the party at the Golden Tower, delivering a message of hope: Korsun still lives, and the fate of Celik is not yet determined.
  • Party gets ambushed by elves on the way out, presumably to delay them in getting back to Xerima’s family’s home.
#10: A Brief Respite
The characters reach Altaruk and find a brief, although expensive, respite.

(to be filled in)

  • The characters defeat an early-morning attack by Braxat and a Tembo.
  • Altaruk’s justice system seems simple but brutal: public hanging and getting eaten alive by stirges.
  • Characters drop a lot of coin and trade in some hides to upgrade their weaponry.
  • Characters find allies in an unlikely husband-and-wife duo of Halflings, that are also members of the Veiled Alliance.
  • More revelations about Pyreas’ origins are revealed, when he lashes out at Sera for speaking in the Infernal tongue.
#9: The Children of the Dragon
The party comes across a strange cult at Grak's Pool, possibly allied with the Red Age organization.

(to be filled in)

  • Lokk heads off on his own to cool his heels
  • The party moves on towards Tyr; ends up resupplying at Grak’s Pool
  • Strange trinket seller who has a Red Age pendant
  • Xerima meets up with this cultist at midnight to talk about sacrifices to the Dragon such that he might spare “the faithful” when he finally destroys the world; mentions “Seer Mafoun”; mentions a choice sacrifice a Tiefling boy, who escaped
  • Fight ensues
  • Characters clean up their mess and leave Grak’s Pool at the advice of Grak himself
  • Come across a ravaged caravan that’s already been picked clean; Tiefling boy, Pyreas, is there, delirious, and calls Sera “Theil’karia”
  • Characters revive Pyreas to learn that he’s a prodigal wizard with no spellbook
  • Bountyhunters come looking for Pyreas; party dispatches them
  • Cliffhanger: 2 wounded braxat and 1 wounded tembo take their fight into the party’s camp

550 XP


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