Vakhur the Sage

A spindly old hermit that wanders the wastes near Celik and is apparently a source of tremendous mischief for House Mareneth.


For as long as anyone can remember, Vakhur has wandered the wastes. He is a common fixture in the area of Celik, along the Trade Road to Balic and up through South Ledopolus. According to the stories, he is an emaciated, wild-eyed old man dressed in rags and sandals, sometimes appearing as an Elf, other times Human or Half-Elf. He has never set foot in Celik or any other city-state or client village because of the bounty placed on his head.

Korsun of House Maleneth claims Vakhur is a dangerous bandit and a wicked defiler. Those who have fallen prey to him have mixed stories of being attacked by screaming sand-devils and the ground itself spewing fists of earth and fire to smash caravans and scatter beasts. Sometimes, the caravan is completely lost. Others, only odds and ends are taken, like a mercenary’s pendant or a gourd of wine. Rarely are men injured in these attacks.

There are kind stories of Vakhur as well, when children thought lost to anakore awaken safely in their beds, and bowls of fruit and rice that appear in the empty pantries of the destitute. Those who think kindly of the crazy old man refer to him as “The Sage”, for his gifts are always accompanied by scraps of wisdom scrawled on old cloth or parchment. A small underground “cult of philosophy” has emerged, with members in Celik and Balic, practiced exclusively by the poor and downtrodden. Such is contraband in Celik, with an edict from Korsun himself that outlaws any reverence of any god or deity, lest Dictator Andropinis sweep down from Balic to extinguish such heresy.

Vakhur the Sage

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