A middle-aged, desert-toughened merchant of stocky frame and with gray hair and beard.


Korsun is head of the fledgling but growing merchant house, House Mareneth. His roots in Balic, Korsun has spread his influence through Ledopolus, Altaruk, and Tyr, and everywhere in between. Through careful manipulation, he has established a small contingent of loyal, well-paid soldiers and merchants. Through sheer luck, he has a considerable corner of the ruins of Celik cleaned out and is in the process of rebuilding.

Korsun is a stocky man in his early fifties, although the desert has been unkind to him and he appears older than his years. Darkly tanned, wrinkled skin highlights the crow’s feet and bags at his eyes and the lines that crease his forehead. He maintains a respectable but trimmed beard and hairstyle, oiled with fine oils from the Fertile Crescent.

Korsun’s map of Celik


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