Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#9: The Children of the Dragon

The party comes across a strange cult at Grak's Pool, possibly allied with the Red Age organization.

(to be filled in)

  • Lokk heads off on his own to cool his heels
  • The party moves on towards Tyr; ends up resupplying at Grak’s Pool
  • Strange trinket seller who has a Red Age pendant
  • Xerima meets up with this cultist at midnight to talk about sacrifices to the Dragon such that he might spare “the faithful” when he finally destroys the world; mentions “Seer Mafoun”; mentions a choice sacrifice a Tiefling boy, who escaped
  • Fight ensues
  • Characters clean up their mess and leave Grak’s Pool at the advice of Grak himself
  • Come across a ravaged caravan that’s already been picked clean; Tiefling boy, Pyreas, is there, delirious, and calls Sera “Theil’karia”
  • Characters revive Pyreas to learn that he’s a prodigal wizard with no spellbook
  • Bountyhunters come looking for Pyreas; party dispatches them
  • Cliffhanger: 2 wounded braxat and 1 wounded tembo take their fight into the party’s camp

550 XP


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