Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#15: Ghosts of Celik

Faced with war, the characters are sidetracked to deal with a problem of malevolence.

(to be filled in)

  • The characters spend some time with Voi, as he prepares to manufacture some new armor and weapons for the group. Apparently he’s some kind of twisted artificer, having odds and ends from many different kinds of creatures, as well as a variety of different materials. And, apparently, he’s doing research trying to figure out how to create automatons for Korsun’s army. (Can anyone say, Warforged?)
  • Balasar complains of a headache and sacks out. The shardmind discovers a malevolence brewing in the heart of the ruins of Celik, at the center of the city. Heshaar, Xerima’s family’s master at arms, is found to be going mad with visions of, “a dream coming back.” And a mural of two Dray fencing in a Green Age setting apparently “came to life” and Korsun was forced to destroy one of his walls to kill it.
  • The group, sans Balasar, goes to investigate. First, Jaad-sun goes to check up on his silt-runner tribe; he finds all of them unconscious before the section of wall in the ruins where the Dray mural came from. He moves them away into another building; one of the silt-runners wakes up and explains what happened, how the “dream called to them.”
  • The characters make their way into the heart of the ruins, where they scale the tall inner wall and peer into the heart of Celik. Massive domed buildings and tall towers fill the inner section, which appears pristine and untouched by time. A thick gray mist fills the streets, reminiscent of the mist that clings to Kalidnay.
  • The characters find themselves moving from balcony to balcony, rooftop to rooftop, where they meet something of a psionic ghost “butler” who offers them hospitality, and a few answers.
  • The characters investigate the gray mist, and find that the mist is causing old ghosts of the dead inhabitants of Celik rising up and fighting the mental impressions left behind of the sorcerers and psions of an age past. Dray and Kalashtar.
  • The characters find the source of the unrest, a hapless wizard who belongs to the enemy army, who stumbled across a pair of artifacts and was immediately taken over by them. Forced to do the powerful artifacts’ bidding, the hapless moron would reunite arcane and psionic energies again in a fashion which was the original downfall of Celik, killing all its inhabitants instantly. After fighting off a few wraiths out of the mist, the party dealt with the moron, and destroyed the artifacts.

XP: 1000xp each!


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