Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#14: Over the Mountains and Through the Cisterns

"...to Korsun's house we go..."

(to be filled out)

  • The characters, leading the hijacked caravan of Vordon goods, come across a group of Eladrin claiming to be the Knights of Silver and Gray. They are huntsmen and justice-bringers, searching for those associated with Valhaminur of the Wretched Wind. They inform the PCs that Valhaminur plans on tapping into the raw forces of the Elemental Chaos in order to transform Athas into a new paradise. After a brief exchange and a breaking of bread, the Knights move on.
  • Doing a brief reconnoiter, Sera discovers ancient graves in the foot of the mountains that the caravan is traveling by. These graves have been unearthed by foul magics. She also finds remnants of a tombstone, with a shattered relief belonging to some god or goddess of the Green Age. The party gets a hint that they will be facing an army of soldiers raised from the dead.
  • Drawing up closer to Celik, the characters discovers the predicted blockade sitting on the road that cuts through the mountains. Getting the caravan through would be a challenge, and certainly a direct assault was out of the question. Servants and freed slaves, and those who cannot pass as merchants or guardsmen, are moved up into the mountains by Jaad-sun, Sera, and the Rock, while Balasar and Xerima, with the help of her family, bluff the caravan through.
  • Once close enough to Celik, it is determined that Korsun has effectively walled himself in, with no in or out. There would be no way to get the wagon of goods through the enemy ranks – which, incidentally, are comprised of undead skeletons and zombies in addition to regular Vordon, Mercales, and Tyrian troops. Thehk makes an appearance, and offers a short path through the Gray into the cisterns beneath Celik, which is his chosen domain. Loading up the servants with as much gear and goods as they can carry, Thehk ports them through and down into the cisterns, where they begin a long, winding path through ancient passageways and across crumbling stone bridges across deep pools of water.
  • The party is ambushed in the cisterns by a gaj and its minions, a couple of carrion crawlers and several foulspawn. Triggered by a landslide, Thehk conveniently disappeared right before the encounter, and reappeared at the end to urge the party forward and to “stop wasting time.” Jaad-sun suspects that he attempted to kill the party with this little encounter, and Xerima believed that Thehk was leading the group through an arduous, winding path that was not necessary.
  • The characters are reunited with Korsun, who looks battered from his experiences. Missing his left arm from the elbow down, a tattooed dwarf attended to him, affixing a replacement forearm and hand that appeared to be made of stone, petrified wood, and other sinewy bits. Claiming him to be an artificer ally from House M’ke, Korsun orders this Voi to outfit the party with their equipment needs (Assigning items from level 7 and level 8). The characters also briefly meet Thagan, Korsun’s Mul captain of the guard, and Ibrin, a desert elf archer.

XP: 1000


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