Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#13: Opportunity Knocks

Xerima convinces her family to cut ties in Tyr and to abandon Jorek to his fate... for now. Oh, and an ambush!

(to be filled in)

  • Xerima acts as the reason between prideful Agar and worried Serel, and convinces them that Jorek must face the consequences for his actions. (Jorek is a “guest” of Houses Vordon and Mericles; they are attempting to leverage Xerima’s involvement as an associate of Korsun’s)
  • Balasar investigates rumors of a Vordon caravan headed south with servants and armaments. Kedara tags along, gets into trouble, and Balasar is forced to evade gate guards on their way out.
  • The Thri-Kreen pack agrees to travel southwards with the party and Xerima’s family.
  • A templar and his detachment of soldiers goes to track down Balasar and arrest him. The Kreen ambush and kill half their numbers; the party finishes off the rest. Now it’s very clear that life for Agar and his family will keep getting worse, and he agrees to relocate to Celik.
  • The group ambushes the Vordon wagon, guarded by Mericles soldiers, a few days outside of the Tyr Valley.

Current XP total: 10250. Level 7!


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