Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#12: The Shadow of Death

Xerima's younger brother accidentally betrays his family, and Tieflings attack Xerima's family homestead.

(to be filled in)

  • The party rushes to Xerima’s family homestead where it’s evident that there’s been a vile attack. Tarkas was poisoned in the attack. At least one of the attackers was a defiler, as the inner garden is ruined to ash.
  • The Tieflings were hired by a templar, Hamaar of Raam. “This land does not belong to you!” Probably a relative of the land that Kalak took and gave to Agar.
  • Tieflings took Pyreas, who was briefly confused by the lead necromancer.
  • Party tracks the Tieflings to an old stone quarry. Twelve human bandits guard the outside, but are killed by the Tieflings on their exit as they are to be blamed for the attack. Party mops up the Tieflings afterwards.
  • Pyreas realizes (part of) his true nature: he has Deva heritage, and is part Invoker, and he is an extension of the gods long-dead.
  • No sign of Hakaar or Jorek; party goes to find them.
  • Sera makes contact with Fannas Ianto, a mount seller, who is a member of the Veiled Alliance. They talk about passing Pyreas off to those who can protect him better.
  • Party hears that there’s a Tiefling murdering random folk with attachment to the criminal element in Tyr. Fits Thehk’s description.
  • Through investigation, the party figures out that Gavan Sul is Thehk’s next target, and preemptively set up to intercept him. Thehk is different, somehow more… undead. Thehk reveals that open conflict has erupted in Celik, and the party’s efforts are required. He also reveals to Sera that he has found a way to hasten her transformation into… whatever he is.

+600 xp


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