Dark Sun: Trials of Ash and Silt

#11: King Tithian

The party earns an audience with King Tithian. Information is revealed about the city and the king. Old friends move on, new friends are made.

(to be filled in)

  • The party realizes Lokk has moved on, taking with him only his iron sword.
  • Meeting Templar Adjunct Goran, he informs the party when and where to be to meet King Tithian. He also informs them that they must attire properly.
  • The characters meet Mordai, a clueless slaver, who has ten starving slaves that he can’t sell in Tyr. He also has a young Plaguesoul Genasi whom he was planning on selling as “alchemical parts.” The party scares off the slaver, free the slaves, and Jaad-sun takes the young Plaguesoul under his wing.
  • The characters meet Balasar, a servant of Xerima’s family.
  • On Caravan Way, the party is assaulted by an angry mob of thugs and urchins who seem to have issue with the “wasteland” nature of the party’s races. (Two Genasi, Tiefling, Dragonborn). Afterwards, a confrontation between the Templar-aligned guards and the Scarlet Helms. The party moves on.
  • Shopping trip! Fine clothes, new leather armor, patched Jaad-sun’s hide armor.
  • Sera does recon, meets a Tiefling bartender (Gavan Sul) and earns some information in exchange for an assassination of Kraik Mericles, a second cousin of King Tithian.
  • Characters attend Tithian’s court, where Tithian punishes Armos Kamroth for being a Kalak sycophant, and rewards the PCs with minor favors. Hrieth confesses her deception, that she played Armos in order to earn revenge against Valhaminur of the Wretched Wind.
  • Skellus visits the party at the Golden Tower, delivering a message of hope: Korsun still lives, and the fate of Celik is not yet determined.
  • Party gets ambushed by elves on the way out, presumably to delay them in getting back to Xerima’s family’s home.


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